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Ángel Quiroga

Software Engineer

Game/Mobile/Web Developer

Laboral experience timeline

Freelance (2017)

VR Programmer

Unity3D, PS4

LabCave (2016-2017)

Technical Programmer

Unity3D, NodeJS, Jenkins, Ruby, Java, Parse, Git

Gameloft (2015-2016)

Game developer


JojuGames (2014-2015)

Game ,Server developer

Unity3D, PlayerIO, SVN

MaxValley S.L. (2014)

Game, Mobile, Web developer

Unity3D, NodeJS

MateriaWorks (2012-2013)

Game developer


Minimal Drama S.L. (2012-2013)

Web developer

Joomla, Wordpress

Totemcat S.L. (2011-2012)

Mobile developer

Android, Blackberry

Game developer

As a game developer I have been working in multiple titles (3D, 2D and VR) from 2012. Each game type is a different world which makes you to take a different approach for each one.


Unity3D is the engine which I have used in all my projects.


I have been working mainly for mobile market (Android/iOS). But I have experience also with consoles like PS4 and also with WebGL.

Mobile developer

As a mobile developer I have been working creating Android native applications since 2011.


From using GooglePlay API's, Notifications to Streaming video applications, REST api comunications,.

FullStack developer

Creating webs has been a hobbie for mi since 2006. But I have been working s a fullstack developer in some profesional projects.


I have experience with HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Semantic-UI


I have experience creating services and Rest API's with NodeJS, PHP, Apache, MongoDB, ArangoDB, Parse among others.


Also I have been working with CMS's like Joomla and Wordpress among others.

Tools I Use